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48h: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Switzerland.
72h: Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden.
The delivery date indicated in the order confirmation is guaranteed except in cases of "Force Majeure".
The Company may, at its discretion, decide to make multiple partial deliveries. In this case, the buyer will not be burdened with any additional cost compared to that foreseen for a single delivery.


All prices of the Products are in Euros.
All prices must be considered inclusive of VAT and do not include delivery costs.
The Products are sold according to FLOWIRED’s pricelist in force during order release. Delivery costs and taxes are indicated during the order issue procedure.
Shipping costs are free for orders over 79.90 Euros excluding VAT.
The cost shown in the following table is a basic reference. The cost of your shipment depends on the size, weight and value of the order and is calculated during the purchase phase.

During the purchase procedure you can select the Insured shipping option at the additional cost of 5.00 Euro excluding VAT.
Delivery costs may change: however these changes will not have value in relation to the purchase orders issued before the publication of the changes on the website.
Payment for the Products can only be made by PayPal or Credit Card. For orders over € 500.00 excluding VAT, payment can be made with an advance bank transfer.


The buyer who is also a consumer or who purchases the Products for purposes different from its own business activity , has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract - without any penalty - within fourteen days from the date of delivery of the Product.
The right of withdrawal can be exercised by sending, within this period, a communication via email to the address flowiredsrl@legalmail.com.
Consequently, the buyer will receive an email containing a GLS link through which he can initiate the return process.
The goods must be sent to the following address: FLOWIRED SRL GLS warehouse stop in BRIVIO (LC).

The return procedure through link will allow the buyer to:
- Organize the return home collection or bring package to any branch or Shop GLS (drop off). 
- To receive a confirmation by email with withdrawal details and an attachment that can be printed to speed up the withdrawal phase.
- To receive an email with the return shipping number to be able to track it on the GLS website.

In case that buyer has added insurance to his shipment and has accepted the receipt of the goods with a reserve clause indicating the reasons, it will be possible to proceed with the procedure for returning damaged items during transport.
If the right of withdrawal is exercised, FLOWIRED will refund an amount equal to the value of the product while the costs for returning the Product will be under buyer’s responsibility. In case of error acknowledged by FLOWIRED (wrong sending of the product, production defect) the return costs will be free and the product will be replaced or fully refunded within 30 days.

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