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1.1 The existing general conditions ("General Conditions") are governed by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (the "Consumer Code") containing the provisions for consumers protection and from articles 50 to 68 relating to distance trading.
1.2 The General Conditions are applied to purchase orders of products issued online on the FLOWIRED.com website, for deliveries to be made in Italy (including the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City), in the European Community (EEC) and Extra EEC.
1.3 By ticking the "I accept the Terms and Conditions" box which appears during the online purchase procedure, the buyer accepts all the contractual conditions set out below. The lack of General Conditions express acceptance will not allow to complete the online purchase procedure.
1.4 FLOWIRED reserves the right to modify the General Conditions at any time without notice. However, changes will not have value in relation to the purchase orders that have been sent before the publication of these changes on the Website.
1.5 For the Website use conditions and privacy rules, we kindly ask you to refer to this document as well as to the "Privacy Policy"”.
1.6 General Conditions acceptance and the purchase order release, buyer gives his approval to all communications sent and received by e-mail. The cost of use for communication technique depends on the rate applied by the internet service provider.
1.7 The buyer will be responsible for the rightness of the e-mail address and for all the information filled in during the order release and the account opening.
1.8 For any question regarding the General Conditions, for any complaint or withdrawal communication, order cancellation please contact only by email:
Via XXIV Maggio, 6
22063 Cantù ( CO )
Partita IVA IT-03865510139
E-mail: info@flowired.com - PEC: flowiredsrl@legalmail.com


2.1 The buyer can purchase FLOWIRED products only and exclusively by WEB. The purchase order will be automatically issued at the end of the order issue procedure. Only the Products included in the on-line catalogue can be purchased.
2.2 FLOWIRED will confirm the correct receipt of the order by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the buyer. The confirmation message will include the Company's corporate name, the registered office address, purchased product name, purchased product price including additional taxes and duties, delivery costs, payment and delivery conditions. The confirmation message will contain the order identification number to be used in any following communication with FLOWIRED.
2.3 The Company will ship the Products available in stock within 1-2 working days after order receipt.
2.4 In case of purchased products temporary unavailability and impossibility to proceed with the purchase FLOWIRED will inform the buyer during preparation times.
2.5 All pictures in website have just illustrative purposes. Products are subject to chages.


3.1 48h: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Switzerland.
72h: Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden.
The delivery date indicated in the order confirmation is guaranteed except in cases of "Force Majeure".
3.2 The Company may, at its discretion, decide to make multiple partial deliveries. In this case, the buyer will not be burdened with any additional cost compared to that foreseen for a single delivery.
3.3 The ordered products will be delivered in the original design, however the Company reserves the right to make changes to the Products which do not change the Product functionality.


4.1 All prices of the Products included in the online catalogue are in Euros. All are inclusive of VAT and do not include delivery costs. The Products are sold according to FLOWIRED’s prices list in use during the time the order is issued.
4.2 Delivery costs and taxes are indicated during the order issue procedure. Delivery costs may change: but these changes will not be valid for purchase orders issued before Website changes publication.
4.3 The buyer agrees to refund FLOWIRED for any additional expenses for shipments or movements caused by a buyer’s failure in the date, time, and place of delivery agreements compliance.


5.1 The payment of the Products can only be made by PayPal, Credit Card, Advance Bank Transfer (only for orders over € 500 excluding VAT).
5.2 The Company allows the buyer to make online payments in absolute security thanks to an automatic encryption system for the information entered and the assistance of an external provider.
5.3 The Company receives absolutely no credit card data, as PayPal only provides essential data for the purchase and shipment of the goods. The user must provide the credit card data to the PayPal website.



6.1 The buyer both as consumer or just as Products purchaser for purposes different from its own business activity, has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract - without any penalty - within fourteen days from Product delivery date.
6.2 The withdrawal right can be expressed by sending, a communication via email to the address flowiredsrl@legalmail.com, within the deadline indicated in the previous point 6.1. 
6.3 The substantial integrity of the Product to be returned is an essential condition for exercising the withdrawal right of. This right, otherwise, cannot be applied in case the buyer doesn’t ensure that the Product can be returned in the same condition in which it was received (including the original sealed packaging). In any case, the buyer has to to preserve the Product and do everything possible to ensure that the Product is returned to FLOWIRED in perfect condition.
6.4 The buyer who has exercised the right of withdrawal is required to return the Product within 14 days from the delivery date. After exercising the right of withdrawal by communication to the flowiredsrl@legalmail.com address, the buyer will receive an email containing a GLS link through which he can start the return process. The goods have to be sent to the following address: FLOWIRED SRL GLS warehouse stop in BRIVIO (LC).
6.5 If the right of withdrawal is exercised, FLOWIRED will refund an amount equal to the value of the product while the costs for returning the Product will be the only responsibility of the buyer. In case of acknowledged error by FLOWIRED (wrong sending of the product, construction defect of the same) the return costs will be free of charge, and the product will be replaced or fully refunded within 30 days.
Except as established for withdrawal right, the buyer, who is also a consumer, will also have the right to resort to legal remedies provided for in Part IV Title III Chapter I (from Article 128 to 135) of the Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005 n. 206 (the "Consumer Code") relating to any lack of conformity of the Product existing at the time of delivery.


6.9 The Company cannot be responsible for damage caused by the carrier in charge of delivery.
6.10 It will not be possible in any way to proceed with the right of withdrawal if the buyer has not added the option to make the Insured shipment and has not accepted the receipt of the goods with a reserve clause, indicating the reasons.
6.11 In case the buyer has included the insurance to his shipment and has accepted the receipt of the goods with a reserve clause indicating the reasons, it will be possible to proceed with the procedure for returning damaged items during transport: the buyer must immediately communicate the conditions of the goods through the contact details indicated in article 1.8; then he has return the damaged goods received due to transport following the same procedure indicated in point 6.4. Once goods have been received, the Company will proceed to send the replaced items free of charge.


7.1 The responsibility for the correct installation and use of the spare parts and accessories purchased online are completely under buyer’s responsibility.
ATTENTION: some products installations require the involvement of professionally qualified staffs to avoid damage risk to the structures and / or injury to people, with particular reference to the installation of the Welding products, the use and maintenance of components for the use of gas, electrical equipment, hydraulic parts and components.
7.2 The Company assumes no responsibility for complaints related to:
(a) to an unexpected use of the product or to the manipulation of the same
(b) for use and installation different from the ones the product was made
(c) incorrect installation 
ATTENTION: incorrect installation could cause personal injury.


8.1 For any information regarding product for which a spare parts or accessory has been ordered you can contact one of our technicians directly at the email address: info@flowired.com


9.1 The Company will not be responsible for nonattendances or delays in the execution of the order in case they are caused by impediments such as work interruptions, union agitations, suspension of transport and any other cause due to majeure force or unforeseeable circumstances.


10.1 The General Conditions are governed by Italian law.
10.2 In case of disputes with reference to these General SALES Conditions, they have to be resolved by the Italian judicial authority competent territorially. In case the buyer is a consumer, based to applicable law, disputes must be resolved by the place jurisdiction where the Consumer has residence and domicile.
10.3 It is expressly agreed that in case of dispute with reference to these General SALES Conditions with any company (or with a person qualified as a professional operator) who makes purchases on the www.flowired.com site, it will be the exclusive competence of the Court of Milano.

These General Conditions of Sale can be changed.