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Customized KIT Racing bike brakes, stainless steel cables, 10 Packs


Kit for Racing bike brakes composed by 2.5 meters Universal outer casing "Soft Touch" high smothness with PTFE inner liner + 1 stainless steel cable Ø 1,5 length 850 mm for front brake, 1 stainless steel cable Ø 1,5 length 1750 mm for brake + 5 outer steel caps + 3 wire end caps


    To customize the sheath, enter in this field your name, the name of your brand or the writing you have chosen before proceeding with the purchase.

The price includes the cost of customization.
The custom sheath is available in packs of 1, 5 or 10 pieces.If you are interested in larger quantities contact us to receive a personalized quote.

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