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High performance sheaths for Welding, Cycle and Vespa


guaina per torce

Welding liners

Flowired sheaths are born to satisfy the most demanding welding companies requests. Our long experience in this field allows us to guarantee the best value for money.

Bicycle spare parts

To improve bicycles performance, we developed the exclusive Flowired Soft Touch® technology, producing sheaths which increase cable smoothness. An exclusive product which is perfect for the careful needs of MTB, running and sport-city field.

ricambi bici
ricambi vespa

Vespa spare parts

To satisfy all Vespa lovers needs, we offer a series of high-level cables to ensure the best performance on the road.

Tailormade sheaths

Our high production skills allow us to cooperate with companies and retailers for special projects by producing tailormade liners customized both in technical properties or simply with the activity name.

guaina bicicletta

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